Novelty Treasures Rainbow Dolphin Review

For our WeLoveDolphins adventures, we got the Novelty Treasures 36 Inch Rainbow Dolphin. We asked our followers to give this adorable inflatable dolphin a name, and they voted for Luna. Luna, the dolphin, went on a few different adventures around New York. She slid down waterfalls, hiked on trails, and walked over the Rosendale Trestle. This Rainbow dolphin also visited Rainbow Falls in Minnewaska State Park. 


How cute is the dolphin in real life? 

When it comes to cuteness, Luna is a 10/10 in my book. She’s vivid and comes out beautiful in all pictures and videos. 


Is it hard to inflate the dolphin?

For me, inflating Luna is impossible. You have to hold the hole while blowing air into it. Otherwise, nothing will happen. Long story short, my lungs can’t inflate the dolphin. You’re better off using a hand pump or electric one for faster inflating.


How durable is the dolphin?

As for durability, Luna did not last long on our adventure. She got a leak after the first time taking her out. We tried looking for the hole and patching it up, but she still deflates. She still goes on adventures but doesn’t stay full of air for too long.


Is the dolphin worth the price? 

For the affordable price and size, Novelty Treasure Rainbow dolphin is worth it. She is 3 feet long, and while she leaks air, she goes on crazy and dangerous dolphin adventures. 


Luna, the dolphin, has explored land and water, and she has more adventures ahead of her.

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